Ask a Colleague

Have questions? Need help starting or reviving a volunteer program? Reach out to any of the THVP members listed who have been in your position; just click on their name and enter your topic in the subject box.


Animal Assisted (Pet Therapy) – Sandy Wooten

Difficult Conversations with Volunteers – Whitney Larkin

Family/Other Advisory Councils – Brittany Barnett

Non-Traditional Student Programs – Angela Hughes

Parent Mentor Program – Brittany Barnett

Patient/Family Centered Care – Brittany Barnett

Program/Partnership/Budget Development – Angela Hughes

SuperStars Program (Alternative program for volunteers who cannot perform their normal duties) – Cindy Fox, Cindy Short

Teen Programs – Cindy Short, Angela Hughes, Allison Smith

Using Volunteers in Spiritual Care – Sandy Wooten

Using Volunteer Groups for Special Events – Allison Smith


What They Are Saying

We are the dependable, efficient and kind department that is full of energy and ideas. It’s great to get together with colleagues to share those ideas, collaborate together and share best practices. There’s nothing like knowing there is someone else out there who is experiencing what you are experiencing and figuring out together how best to move through that opportunity to grow and learn.

Amy Perkins, CAVS - The University of Tennessee Medical Center